Thank you for booking me to speak at your event. Your answers to the following questions will enable me to fine-tune my presentation to the exact needs of your group and to prepare appropriate audio-visual material. Please note I will be using Keynote with embedded movie files so projection with sound capability will be required. If you have any queries regarding this form please call me on +44 (0) 7736 317754
Your name, job title, company name and email address

What is the date of your conference/event, the title and theme?
Please include the type of event, i.e. Company conference, Client entertainment, Awards dinner etc.

Tell me about those attending
Please include: number of people, average age, male:female ratio, primary job functions.

What about the venue?
Please include: the full venue address, what time I should arrive, who I should contact on my arrival, their mobile/cell number, any other useful information.

What is the dress code?

What are the objectives for my presentation?
Please include any specific themes that you would like me to bring out in my presentation

Who will introduce me?
I can provide some suggestions for an introductory script by email.

How long should I speak for?

Please provide any additional details about my speech.
Are you using an AV company or doing this in-house? If an AV company, would you like me to send my presentation to them? Would you like my presentation to be 16:9 (widescreen) or 3:4? What happens immediately after my speech?

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